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Shanghai registered company - Shanghai Rui Hong Financial Consulting Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai city of Hongkou District, the company was founded ten years, in working for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs to provide professional company registration, Shanghai bookkeeping, business registration, business guidance planning, financial outsourcing, bookkeeping, tax consulting, personnel agency etc. have rich experience for customers, consulting, business registration, give advice and suggestions, so as to better establish more accurate direction of investment, reduce the investment risk for the enterprise, reduce the cost of enterprise management; provide tax planning, financial management and other integrated process service for the customer; labor managed personalized business for Small and micro businesses tailored professional standards the personnel agency services, let business partners Small and micro businesses can focus on marketing and withdraw from your personnel administrative work is trivial; our customers work together, to help them grow together, to help them succeed. Rui Hong enterprise to its own business service concept won the enterprises at home and abroad to the recognition, enjoys a good reputation in the customer base, praised by the industry.

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